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We Offer Around the Clock Emergency Service to our Valued Clients in Courtenay and Area

When it comes to your refrigeration equipment in Courtenay and Campbell River, good hygiene is key, always keep the cooler or freezer clean. Soap and water or eco friendly non-abrasive cleaners are the best; harsh chemicals will harm metal surfaces and seals. Sweep and mop surrounding floors regularly and keep free of debris. Make sure to clean up any spills immediately to prevent dangerous freezing. Routinely clean evaporator fan coils and blades of particulate buildup. Schedule a quarterly service with Controlled Air Heating and Cooling, we will inspect for damage, we offer replacement of fans as well. Inspect door seals and hinges monthly.  Make sure hinges are lubricated quarterly and that seals are effective and not cracking or bulging. Holding the door open will cause strain on the refrigeration cooling system and high hydro costs.  We install strip curtains to help prevent cooling loss and save you money!

Allow us to routinely maintain your equipment  to prolong lifespan. Condensing unit and compressor operation can be impacted by neglecting inspection and cleaning.  Particulate and debris buildup on your condensing coil can dramatically shorten the lifespan.  Allowing air flow around your evaporators and condensing units by not blocking with items will keep you unit at optimal operational condition. Call us in to help you identify potential problems and provide solutions. Closely monitor the temperatures of your refrigerated enclosures and invest in a laser temperature gauge if you do not have digital read outs.  Any variance in temperatures can indicate a major problem on the horizon, give us a call if you suspect any issues and we will help correct them before they cost you thousands. Talk with our qualified technicians during a service call about setting up a scheduled maintenance program. Scheduling routine upkeep will ensure that equipment is working as it should be.  Our refrigeration technicians know what signs of wear and tear to look for. Early detection could make a huge difference and prevent costly emergency situations.

Our Refrigeration Service Calls Provide:

Inspection and cleaning of condensing coils

Inspection and cleaning of evaporator coils

Check compressor function

Inspect, clean and replace door seals and hinges

Measure and top up refrigerant levels

Clean fans  and grilles

Check and clean drain lines as needed

Check temperature readouts and program controls

We Install, Service, Repair and Replace All Manufacturers of Refrigeration Equipment

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